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January 19, 2020
Love Yourself
February 10, 2020

The Connected Generation Project found that “despite being a hyper-connected and globally minded generation, many young adults say they feel lonely. Fifty-seven percent of 18-35-year old respondents sense a connection to people around the world, but just one in three (33%) says they feel deeply cared for by those around them.” Let’s break that down. What the research is saying is that even with the best technology in the history of the world, with the ability to connect to millions of people, we feel more disconnected than ever. More specifically, we feel disconnected and unknown by the people around us.

And, on top of that we are living in the age of anxiety. Worry and insecurity are prominent in our world. Four in 10 young adults are anxious about important decisions, uncertain about the future or just afraid to fail. So, while we are suffering with anxiety around the quality of our lives, shame about our decisions, body image, mental illness and so many other hard things. We are also afraid to tell the people closest to us. We are lonely. And, respectfully, it’s no wonder that depression sets in and suicide rates jump up because of it.

I can remember a time where suicidal thoughts floated around my head. And, while our stories are not the same, I can bet that for a lot of us who’ve had those thoughts we’ve also felt lonely in it. Like we couldn’t reach out or talk to anyone about it. Like we were the only ones going through that pain, that breakup, that regret. But, we want to spread hope to dark places. And, we believe God wants to too.

So here’s what we’re going to do:

1. Creating Better Online Community

Our team has released our very first exclusive online community for the broken, but hopeful woman. It’s called The Hopeful Woman Collective. We came around a table and said we have to give women something else. We want to be vulnerable, we want to be honest about the fact that we are broken and imperfect human beings. But, we also want to be about hope, and the hope of Jesus. We want to capitalize on the fact that our generation is connected online and create something special for it. So, we’re excited, we’ve made our way to Facebook and we want you to come with us. Now, we’re using the word exclusive because this is an exclusive group. We want it to be a safe space where women can be vulnerable, kind and fearlessly broken. We want to be the antidote to the research that Barna has done.

2. Build Offline Community

While we know that online community is where we will meet women where they’re at, we know that the work can’t stop there. We are going to need to take what we’ve created online and bring them offline. So, we’re hosting our very own worship night in 2020. And, we’ll be encouraging women to do more than just interact with each other online, but to get intentional about creating a circle of trusted friends (just like Jesus did) to be absolutely broken with.

3. Be Brave Enough to be Broken

We’re going to be brave. While some people will say that brokenness is a sign of weakness. We believe that it’s actually the opposite. It’s easy to be perfect on social media, to show people the highlight reel of your life, but the true work is risking the exposure of the imperfection. So, we’re daring our followers and our team to practice bravery. Brene Brown says it so perfectly; “Daring greatly means the courage to be vulnerable. It means to show up and be seen. To ask for what you need. To talk about how you’re feeling. To have the hard conversations.”

We’re excited about defeating the odds of loneliness. We’re grateful that we get to be a safe space for women to be open, even about their loneliness, as we start to change a generation of broken people.

Watch the video below to learn more about our exclusive online community group for broken, but hopeful women. A safe space for you to We’ll see you there. :)

Join our FB Group!

The Hopeful Woman Collective

An exclusive online community for broken, but hopeful women.

We’ve dreamed and prayed about a space created specifically for you. Women who aren’t afraid to be broken and want community to help bring them to hope. Click the link below, we hope you’ll join!

Toni is a host, communicator and consultant from Houston, arc. And, in this digital age of anxiety, she is teaching people all over the country that you can be young and a boss, and you can be broken and worthy. She doesn’t want you to just face your demons, she wants you to quash the illusion of your brokenness so you can live the most colorful life possible.Connect with Toni to learn more.

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