Sharing the Good News
June 15, 2020
The Effects of Darkness on the Heart
July 19, 2020

Good. I have been wrestling with this word. I’ve been wrestling with what good means to me. What is good? Who is good? When are things good? I’ve been wrestling with this word not only for me but as the very nature and character of God. What does it mean for God to be good? Candidly, as I have wrestled with this I have found myself in a season of deep conviction. For most of my life, I believed that the goodness of God was based on my circumstances. I would have never said it that way, but I sure lived like I believed that was true. Recently, I’ve been reading Romans 8:28

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

For years I believed that if things were going my way then, God was good. When things weren’t going my way then the goodness of God was called into question. We’ve all had those moments when we prayed because we needed something, or we’re going through something hard. And, the truth is; the goodness of God is not circumstantial. This belief is a gross misinterpretation of Romans 8:28 and the consequences are devastating. This belief caused me to doubt God. It caused me to question his character. It led me to places in my heart and mind that only further deepened my brokenness. But, when I began to understand that God works for His purpose and not mine, that’s when things changed.

When we see the trials of our life through the lens of God’s purpose for us our perspective on the word ‘good’ changes. It becomes clear that God loves us unconditionally and not only that, but he wants us to help him tell the world.

Let’s dive deeper.

What is God’s purpose for us?

Simple. Be conformed into the image of the Son (Be like Jesus) and make disciples (lead people to know Jesus).

With that in mind here’s what I have learned to be true.


It may be painful.
It may be hard.
It may be unbearable.

But so was the cross.

Gerald Fadayomi is an Atlanta based communicator/preacher with a passion for inspiring students to have an active faith. This passion has allowed him to speak to students at camps and conferences across the country including North Point Ministries, Bigstuf camps, Orange Conference, and many other events. Gerald is also the author of “Before You Go,” a resource designed to help students follow Jesus and grow in their faith after high school. Prior to being an itinerant preacher Gerald spent 3 years doing non-profit work for the YMCA of Metro Atlanta and spent 4 years as a student pastor at Browns Bridge Church. Gerald is happily married to his beautiful wife Kiley and loves spending his free time cheering on Lebron James and browsing through the SNKRS app.

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