We don’t think we’re too far off in saying that sometimes we all have a tendency to relate the life lessons we have learned to who we believe God to be. And if we’re being honest, this year has felt like one giant cancellation of things we were looking forward to: graduations, vacations, weddings, celebrations, moves. You name it, this year has seemed to bring it all to an unexpected halt. And that’s just the stuff we have had to reschedule or put off.

Let’s not forget the not-so-exciting things this season has seemed to take from us: saying goodbye to loved ones, robbing us of some sense of safety we thought we had, losing jobs and income we depended on.

It all gets a little too easy to look at God and think He might not come through, either. It’s easy to forget His other-ness; it’s easy to miss how set apart He is from everything happening around us.

No matter how many doors seem to close, remember: our God is the maker of all doors. He is the sea-splitter and the mountain-mover. When it feels like there is no way out or through or onward, we can hold onto the hope that nothing can deter the plans of our Father; He cannot be deterred by a bump in the road; He doesn’t have a back up plan, because He is the one holding the unfolding in His hands; He isn’t scrambling to figure anything out because He is already standing at the end, waiting for us; He cannot be moved, pushed, or canceled.

Our God, the unstoppable God.

November 23, 2020

Our Adversity is Never Bigger than our God

November 8, 2020

The Presence of God

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